I’m not sure what this is all about.

I get that it’s satire, but satire of what?

The adherents of feisty religions, on the other hand, are reproducing in record numbers. Roman Catholics, Christian evangelists, and Muslims, are fertile as minks. Some of these frisky believers find it odd that I, an atheist, am as fruitful as they. Just last week a Mormon with five wives and 27 children said to me, “Mike, how is it that you, a materialist more staunch than Marx, a Darwinist more strict than Dawkins, and an atheist on a par with Hawking, are not a desiccated old tuber, but overflow with life’s juices and drool life’s nectar and can’t leave your equally spiritless wife alone to the tune of nine godless brats?” I replied, “I really don’t know, my friend, why atheists like me sing the body electric, hear America singing, and rock endlessly like cradles. But we do. I know there is no God, and I am hot to trot.”