So, I’ve been busy. It’s difficult finding time to blog, as I have to jam my entire life into the hours after work; I haven’t held a full-time job like this in two years, and even then, when I did, I was waking up at 9 and going to bed at two in the morning, so I suppose I wasn’t feeling it as much. I pretty much have a ten-hour day, my commute back and forth included. So I haven’t been able to find the time to put out too much here. I honestly don’t expect that to change, so either the form or frequency of my blogging is going to have to change.

That said, I’ve turned back to my great love: comic books. I will be, sometime this weekend or early next week, launching my comic book, formerly Sanctuary but retitled Stronghold due to SyFy’s Amanda Tapping vehicle, as a free, online webcomic. We’re still getting the files ready and tweaking the website, so I’m not launching it just yet, but expect it soon. Keep your eyes out!