If any of you out there have been reading my other project, Stronghold: Hope is Not Yet Lostand I trust all of you have been — I want to let you know that we’re just getting issue five going. Issue four took a good bit longer than expected, and pre-production on five has also just wrapped up. So we’re in production now and we’ll be busting our butts to get it to you guys in a timely fashion. It will be out in March.

Until then, we’ll try to tide you over with a six-page minicomic by myself and artist Chris Johnson, which will hopefully be up this week or next. It’s still being finished, but there’s only two pages to go, so it shouldn’t be too long.

If for some ungodly reason you haven’t been reading my comic — there is no excuse for that — I just added a big colorful banner ad to the sidebar. Click on it. It’s fun!

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