It is grim, cold, and rainy here in the City That Always Sleeps In, the Soggy Apple, and it’s expected to continue tomorrow. I don’t know how the weather was this weekend, though, because I spent the last four days back in Virginia for the wedding of a friend of mine from high school. Here’s a picture of me vamping for the camera in an ill-fitting rented tux:

I trust that shall be sufficient proof for you. The wedding was a sort of non-sectarian affair, neither party being particularly religious, although the service was officiated by my buddy’s pastor-dad. It was in a beautiful old plantation house outside Lynchburg, a location which turned the entire weekend into a series of four-hour drives. Four hours from New York to DC. Four hours from DC to Lynchburg. Four hours back to DC (this time from Roanoke). Four hours back to Brooklyn. It was pretty draining, but I was able, in addition to all of this, to catch dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, which was a nice treat.

Anyway, it’s Holy Week.