Well, my Supermanistas, how have you been? We’ve been in a pretty wild summer here in what John Paul II liked to call the Capital of the World (he once addressed John O’Connor as the Archbishop of such), much like the rest of the northeast, usually suffering boiling, baking temperatures unfit for man or beast, the sort of weather which makes you wonder, theologically speaking, if the world isn’t actively prosecuting war against us. It’s not a completely untoward and unjustified thought — one of the consequences of original sin was the disordering of nature — that a living must be eked from it through struggle rather than it pouring life upon us in abundance. There were days when the heat was so oppressive I couldn’t turn my computer on because it couldn’t disperse its own into the air. Today it’s violently muggy. I know it’s boring to talk about the weather, but when it’s weather like this, it’s the only topic in the air, so to speak.

Apart from that, I’ve got a date for my entrance into seminary: August 28. In the meantime I’ll be trying to get my affairs in order, disposing of things I can’t bring with me (e.g. my Playstation and my couch and whatnot), raising last-minute funds and paying off what I can: I will enter seminary more or less broke. This will be difficult, and worries me. I trust God will see me through it, but I’m not without apprehension.

In the meantime, enjoy these: