Well, folks. Tomorrow is the day.

Tomorrow, I begin seminary. Tomorrow, I move out of my beloved little shithole apartment — which I do love, but it really is a shithole — and make my way to the far end of Queens, where I will spend the next two years, or rather four semesters, boning up on philosophy in preparation for my major seminary studies, which God willing will be in Rome rather than Yonkers, but we’ll see about that. The upcoming adventure demanded I spend some time in Virginia, so spend some time in Virginia I did, embarking on what I like to call the 2010 Seminary Victory Tour.

It was fun. I hit Richmond to see my whole college gang, and then spent three days at my mom’s place in Newport News. And then I came back here, and here I am. For less than twenty-four more hours.

Hm. What to say about it. What to do about it. I’d be lying to say I wasn’t nervous, and as much as I dissemble, I won’t do so here regarding that. I am nervous. I am, in fact, numbly terrified, because this seems to be something so wholly other, so wholly new. I feel like I’m starting my studies to be a Jedi, right down to the special robes. And it’s all so soon. Move-in is tomorrow. School starts on Wednesday. I’m being thrown back into an environment I understand — academica — at the very same time I’m entering this wild unknown expanse. It’s vast and huge and unexplored and unmapped, and I can’t yet make sense of it. I don’t know I should be trying.

Suffice to say the Lord has led me this far, and the Lord will lead me farther along, and all my trust is in him. It would have to be. If it wasn’t, this insanity would be truly insane, and there’d be no hope at all.

Jesus, I trust in you.