There’s a few posts of which I am particularly proud, and I wanted to collect them all in one nice, easy place.

Who Here Loves Battlestar Galactica?

…in which I think about what makes BSG such a damn fine show.

The Monsters of Resurrection

…in which I consider zombies, vampires, and mummies as indicative of a fear of resurrection.

Thoughts On Majeed

…in which I recount a meeting with a Saudi transfer student and what it made me think about.

A Past Beyond Consideration

…in which I mourn cultural memory.

Patriotism: A Critique

…in which I consider why patriotism is impossible for me.


…in which I get all theological.

Comic Book Heroes

…in which I consider the meaning and purpose of superheroes.

Nixonland and the Death of the Sixties

…in which I lament the lionizing of the 1960’s and pray for their death.

John Paul II and the Obsolete Man

…in which a Polish pope gets lost — in the Twilight Zone.

All the Old Things Have Passed Away

…in which I discuss cultural memory again, with a time-scale of twenty-thousand years.

Thomas Merton and the Taming of the Nous

…in which I make unfounded accusations against and statements about Thomas Merton’s inner life.

All-Time Movie Villains

…in which I give you my top ten.

A Century’s Last Catholics

…in which I explore my generation’s position in history.

Into the Wild…Alone

…in which I discuss the movie Into the Wild all by myself.


…in which unexpected positions are taken.

Street Preachers Who Fancy Themselves Like Peter and Paul

…in which I discuss OpenAir Outreach and their rallies.

Maggie Tulliver Will Have Her Revenge

…in which I consider fidelity in light of The Mill on the Floss

Fear, Fairy Tales, and Folklore

…in which fear is a good thing, and neutered stories considered war crimes.

On Being a Twenty-First Century Luddite

…in which the great irony is the act of blogging.

The Undiscovered Country

…in which people can be very frightened of change.

The Homunculus’ Memoirs

…in which The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is exposed for the fiction it is.

Beyond the Wall of Separation

…in which I consider how religion is vital to the function of civil society and democratic government.